It is must to have a Boyfriend Cardigan

If you are thinking that your wardrobe is complete without a boyfriend cardigan, then you may be wrong. Because boyfriend cardigan is the most chic way to dress up and it can dress any outfit up and down. They are popular for their trendy look and long style. As Boyfriend cardigan is oversized in shape and style, you need to keep rest of your outfit slim and sharp. When you wear it, the look says you are wearing your boyfriend’s cardigan which is not true off course, so it is named like this.

Wearing your boyfriend cardigan

There are ways you can wear your boyfriend cardigan. These cardigans do give a polished and perfect looks when you wear them at office. The most common ones are as follows:

  • Unbuttoned and with a belt
  • Unbuttons and mainly worn over some belted tunic or dress
  • Worn over leggings Buttoned and belted and also teamed up with ankle boots for that smarty looks.
  • Fashioned into layers over a dresses like frocks
  • Teamed up with jeans and partially buttoned
  • Also the cardigan is layered over a crisp blouse and then it is cinched with a belt.


Styles with boyfriend cardigan

A nice boyfriend cardigan can carried on in different ways to flatter your body types and style. If your structure is slim then try to use different shades of color to compliment your body. While for disguising your heavy hips, you can go for bold colored ones with some good and trendy black tops. You may choose slim fit trousers or skinny jeans for your bottom. Leggings also do the work and you can try different colors for mix and match and which will furnish you with diverse looks throughout the year. Always go for slim looked wear for your bottoms wear as cardigan are loosely fitted as this will give you a chic look. You can even add a camisole to add some feminine look to your dress and can also play with different colors. Also make your summer frocks winter friendly with a boyfriend cardigan over it. On those chilling winter days you can wear your boyfriend cardigan beneath your trendy leather jacket and you get a stylish and warm look. If your jacket has some masculine color like black or brown then try some feminine colored boyfriend cardigan under it.

For all those trendy and different ideas about how to play with your boyfriend cardigans, you can go to different departmental stores, various websites, magazines which will give you the perfect idea about how to team up your boyfriend cardigan perfectly with your clothes. When you team up your cloths make sure you are comfortable in them. For any season or for any reason, boyfriend cardigans can work wonders. From practical to professional situations, you can use these cardigans. Even the basic ones can work on if you wear them smartly and team them up nicely. Boyfriend cardigans is trendy and stylish in every way.